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It’s time to become the best version of you!


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Pure Health Nutrition is a team of Clinical Nutritionists and Naturopaths that offers one-on-one consultations and personalised meal plans to individuals looking for support and accountability to feel their best. At Pure Health we focus on addressing the root cause of your health conditions and teach you how to eat in a balanced and personalised way to suit your body and own lifestyle needs.

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It’s time to be the
best version of you

The Ultimate Reboot has been designed for women who are fed up with their health concerns and are looking for extra support and accountability. This program focuses on addressing all areas of your health, using holistic and evidence-based nutrition, along with comprehensive pathology testing (e.g. hormones and gut health) to address the root cause of your health issues.

Does this sound like you?

✓  Are you sick of being inconsistent and feel like you keep falling off the bandwagon?
✓  Do you suffer from bad PMS and hormonal imbalances?
✓  Do you feel constantly fatigued or hit an energy slump every afternoon?
✓  Are you feeling bloated, constipated or just can’t stop going to the toilet?
✓  Are you constantly at war with your body? Finding yourself stress eating or emotional eating?


Pure Health Podcast

with Kirsty & Nicole

“Pure Health Podcast” is your guide on how to live a healthy wholefood life,  where two clinical Nutritionist sisters talk about their experience in the clinic looking into gut health, hormones, women’s health, weight loss + unfiltered banter behind the scenes of work, life and play. 


1:1 Nutrition & Naturopathic Consultations

Come work one on one in the clinic! You will be amazed by the progress you can achieve by having the opportunity to see someone on a regular basis, when it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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