So you want to come off the pill…

Unfortunately, much like other issues in the health industry there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ as everyone’s body is different. Each woman will respond to post pill effects differently and the time frame that these may arise will vary. 

It is common for post pill signs and symptoms to develop 6 – 12 months after stopping oral contraception and therefor the time before and just after is crucial for prevention of issues arising. Some of these common post pill issues include:

 Just remember that these issues are only a risk and temporary! The health benefits of coming off the oral contraceptive pill will outweigh the possible risks.  The signs and symptoms women may experience post pill give an indication of an underlying health issue that can be worked on. At Pure Health, we help women with their journey of coming off oral contraception and it is best to let your nutritionist know if this is something you are wanting to do in order to minimise or eliminate side effects and achieve optimal health.

 Remember to be patient! Allowing your body to restore balance can take time, especially when dealing with female hormones. A general rule is to allow at least 3 – 6 months before results begin to appear. Be patient with your body and think of the bigger picture, your future self will thank you!

General nutrition points to focus
  1. Healthy Fats + Protein
    Fats and protein are two important macronutrients essential for healthy hormone production.
  2. Replenishing nutrient depletions
    As previously discussed, the pill can cause numerous nutrient depletions which contribute to many other processes within the body. It is vital that these nutrients are consciously replenished in order to maximise health.
  3. Limit caffeine and alcohol
    Caffeine and alcohol can cause major disruptions to our natural hormones and therefore during this time it is best to limit consumption in order to give your body the best care.
Non-hormonal contraceptive options for women

 The oral contraceptive pill was designed for contraception use, however there are numerous non-hormonal alternatives to achieve the same result. 

We highly recommend working with one of our clinical nutritionist in the process of coming off the oral contraceptive pill to minimize any post pill issues 

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